Friday, June 5, 2009

Tip of the Day

The next time you play the scenario Dawn of War, try keeping everything off of the table and watch what your opponent does. If you have the first turn and your opponent deployed as normal, this can give you a huge advantage in controlling the pace of the game. You will be able to keep your units from getting shot by moving them on to the board far away from your opponents units, or you can try to get to his units as fast as you can by moving on closer to his units.

This is a fun little tactic that can throw your opponent off for the whole game, and almost instantly give you the upper hand!


Karrik said...

For Chaos Space Marine Players you will need to make sure a single Icon or Banner makes it onto the board in turn one.
Otherwise Summoned Daemons that are rolled for turn two will die.

Tatica 40k said...

That is an excellant point Karrik!

streaker said...

and there is nothing like rolling all those tanks on to the board on turn one!!

HOTpanda said...

For Chaos space Marines you don't have to worry about icons for summoning Lesser Daemons. The reason for this is that units that are not held in Reserve specifically and that are not deployed during deployment walk on turn 1 from your table edge. ON top of this Lesser Daemons are not eligible to enter the game till turn 2 as they have to be held in reserve.

It is a great trick and works like a charm.

JTaylor said...

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one Hotpanda. Re-read pg 81 of the CSM codex, specifically the Icons and Deepstrike section. In there you will find that lesser daemons MUST enter by Deep Striking within 6" of an icon, so your trick is not valid. It would be really nice if they didn't have too, as that would make them one heck of a non-FOC troops choice!