Monday, May 10, 2010

Hobby update!

I have recently decided to open up the forges of Asaheim, and start building my Riflemen Dread. I used an ebay plastic dread, formerly with Twin-Lascannon / DCCW as the basis of the minor conversion. I had a spare Quad Gun model from the Ageis Defence Line Kit, so that made a perfect victim foe the conversion. I'm sorry to say that I did not take any pics during the build, so all you will get is the finished product.

I will post some more later, once I have some paint done.


Flekkzo said...

Sweet looking dread there, but the barrels line up something awful. Did you do anything to them before you started painting? Looks like it can turn out real well with some paint on it:)

JTaylor said...

Painting has begun, and I will be posting some of those pics soon. As to the barrels, well they are what they are ;) In reality they aren't as bad, and with some paint on him they are less noticeable.

Flekkzo said...

Could always do what I did once. Paint until the crack is gone:) Not that recommended really. Wish there were some kind of greenstuff more suitable to filling in cracks. I find GWs to be too hard to fill in cracks like that.

Good luck with the continuation of the painting!