Monday, May 24, 2010

Logan's Hero's Hobby update

Over the last week I have made some decent progress on the Wolf Guard Terminators I will be using for my 1500 point Logan army . Here are a few quick pics of them.

(Left: Wolf Guard with TH/SS Right: Wolf Guard with SS and Frost Axe)

(Left: Wolf Guard with Frost Sword and Combi-Melta  Right: Wolf Guard with SS and Chainfist)

So far these guys have been a lot of fun to both build and paint. I am very excited at how the Frost Axe is turning out, as this is my first forte' into layered blending. I am looking forward to a game with this list, and Krox, from Mis-modeled Firewarrior, has requested a game so he can formulate a game plan vs drop pods and the famed Fritz Null-Deployment. Between Krox and myself there should be a good breakdown of both how the drop pods worked and his tactics to counter the pods. 


Kroxitau said...

Those guys are starting to look pretty fancy! Are you gonna go to the June 12th tournament at Misty mountain? It would be cool to see those guys up close.


Flekkzo said...

That is a cool frost axe. Ever thought of painting it inversed with the white on the edge? No idea if it would work. Still looks real nice.

Shaping up to be a cool looking elite army. Any changes in the line up so to speak?

JTaylor said...

@ Krox

Thanks dude! I too am really liking the way they are looking.

I would like to go, but I need to make sure there are no wedding things going on that day. Are you going to be there?


I had tossed that idea around, but I wanted it to look like the "Frost" was coming from the weapons power source rather than it just being white all the time and changing to blue once activated.

I have not had a change to properly test the army, so until that happens I'm not going to make changes yet. One change I can see that may happen is more combi-meltas for the Wolf Guard, but those would be minor.

Kroxitau said...

@JTaylor, Yes I am gonna be there, it will be interesting, I am hoping to have my army painted by then :)

Also my army has changed a bit from playing some tough nids, and Pavonis' all assault all feel no pain list (yeah I guess i DO need to take some plasma :)). The Nid list is probably one of the most solid lists out there, I have a rematch against it this weekend so stay tuned to see how my new and improved list does.

SW drop pod is the last of the 5th edition armies that I have yet to go up against, and I am looming forward to that when you have the time :)

JTaylor said...


I will see what I can do for the upcoming weekend, if that would be a possibility for you?

Would you want to play at 1500 or 2000 points? I know the area's meta-game is heavy on the 2k games, and you also seem to like the larger games. ;)

Kroxitau said...


I like playing at all points levels, it's just that Misty Mountain and Phoenix games are at 2000 points, so I am working on lists for that level of play.

There is potentially either a lot going on this weekend or nothing.

I for sure have a rematch versus Kluwe's Nids on Sunday. I am gonna try to make it to FFG for the introduction to the escalation league also on Sunday.

I will let you know if either Sat or Mon (memorial day) are free.


Kroxitau said...


Saturday work for you at any point?


JTaylor said...

@ Krox:

Saturday would work out great, are you thinking any place specific? I live south of Burnsville, but anywhere works fine for me.

Does 1500 points work for you? I may have to proxy some models, cuz I was able to test out the list today and it was bloody terrible :(

Kroxitau said...

1500 is fine. I live just north of roseville.

Tower games?
Will Misty Mountain have open tables?
I have a table in my basement
What time ya thinking
I am pretty flexible.


Kroxitau said...

Fun game! let's see your side of the story.