Sunday, January 18, 2015

A new List for a New edition.

I know that most of the normal 'tournament' lists run CoF with heavy TWC and forgo the troops for the most part, but I would like to build a list that has the 

threat of TWC with the midfield advantage of Obj Sec troops. This is only a first draft for the list, and will need playtesting and adjustments to make it tournament worthy.

o    Rune Priest (140pts)
Psychic Hood, Psyker Mastery Level 2 , Rune Sword, Bike, Runic Armor
    o    Wolf Lord (230pts)
Runic Armor, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw, Helm of Durfast, TWC mount
o   5 Blood Claws (295pts)
 5x Bolt Pistol, 5x Chainsword  Stormwolf, (2x Twin-linked Multi-meltas)
o   5 Blood Claws (295pts)
 5x Bolt Pistol, 5x Chainsword  Stormwolf, (2x Twin-linked Multi-meltas)
o   9 Grey Hunters (240pts)
2x meltagun, WGPL(Wolfclaw), Drop Pod
o   9 Grey Hunters (240pts)
2x plasma gun, WGPL(Wolfclaw), Drop Pod
o    Thunderwolf Cavalry (190pts)
3x SS, Wolf Claw, 1x melta bomb
o    Long Fangs (210pts)
4x Missile Launcher(w/Flakk), Drop Pod

The plan is that the Lord on TW, Rune Priest and the TWC all join up to beat face. The Priest will normally roll on Biomancy for the unit buffs, and will provide psychic defense. I know that having only one RP means that against heavy psychic armies my powers are more than likely to be nullified, but I like the option.  I gave the LF's a pod so that I could drop them on an objective or run the pod empty to be able to drop both units of Grey Hunters turn 1. I took the Flakk missiles so that they also could support the Stormfang's with AA, and just all around be a thorn for my opponent. The Blood Claws are there for late game objective grabs, along with making the Stormfang's Obj Sec for them to drop down to grab objectives. In total the list has 8 Obj Sec units (troops and transports), the fast moving TWC/Lord/Priest to threaten early along with the Podding Grey Hunters, and finally some AA and late game objective grabbers. 

Thoughts? Comments?

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