Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hobby update 2

The last few days have been full of hobby time, which with a 2 year old doesn't happen all that often. I've found that if I work in small time frames, in between playing and spending time with her, I actually get enough time to knock out a little bit of work. 

The Blood Claws I've been working on are part of the army that I posted the other day, and have yet to see any time of the table. Normally I like to test units before dedicating time to fully painting up a unit, but with the points reduction of them in the new codex, along with my experience with assault troops, I know what to expect out of them. 

I have left the squad with the basic load out, as I like to add special weapons later on and do all options for them. 

I'm basically done with these guys, except for a few details here and there.
At some point I may go back and add some battle damage to them, but not until the whole army is painted. 

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