Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog focus, and things I intend to write about

 It's really hard to believe that 7th edition is already eight months old, and in the last eight months we've had more releases then at any other time in the history of this game. What that means is the environment is constantly shifting and changing with each dataslate and formation released. On top of that with the new codexes seemingly hitting the shelves every other month the competitive environment is shifting more than at any other time.

Rewind to five years ago when I was more actively blogging and some of the topics that I covered were tactics and units and how to effectively use them.

 Now I'm not going to be the first person to cover space wolf tactics or unit breakdowns. There've been plenty of other articles and reviews where people more informed that I have given their ideas on how to use each unit from the new codex. 

What I am going to cover is the way that I use each unit and some possible tactics to get the most out of each unit, or selections of war gear that fit my play style the best. I'm not going to cover every unit in the codex because frankly I'm not going to have any major revelation that others before me have an already had. What I am going to focus on are the units that I use, why I use them, and how I'm going to try to effectively use them. 

Another thing that I'd really like to do with this blog is to interact with the community. While I do write for myself I also write to interact with other people, to get your thoughts and ideas and to share  knowledge so that way we all can enjoy this hobby just a little bit more. 

So please if you're viewing this feel free to leave a comment or send me a message and give me your thoughts and ideas on the topics that I have covered or could cover. 


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