Saturday, January 24, 2015

Budget Hobby Challenge: Brought to you by Facing the Grey Tide

So today as I was scrolling through my blogroll I saw an update from Facing The Grey Tide on their budget hobby challenge. I, like many others in this hobby like to save money where I can while building a new army or adding to an existing one. The idea behind this challenge is that at the end of 6 months, you will have an army and only have spent around $500. They have made some considerations for those of us with stacks of unopened boxes, and will allow participants to 'purchase' those from themselves. This is perfect for me. 

With my recent resurgence into the hobby I felt this would be a great way to give me the extra motivation to complete my Space Wolves. My general plan for this is to complete the list I currently and working on, and if needed make adjustments along the way. I have plenty to do before the Dark Star GT in May, and I need all the motivation I can muster to get the army painted up. Unfortunately I missed the December challenge, but still have a little over a week for the January challenge. I'm going to commit to building and painting 1 Stormwolf transport that the Blood Claws will use as their transport. One other thing about this hobby challenge is that each month you have a $75 budget, but if you have any left over from previouse months you can use the remaining up. Since I did not purchase anything in the month of December I'm going to add a floating $75 to my allotment. This allows me to enough extra funds for the two Stormwolfs that I have in the list. You are also allowed one 'double up' month where you may spend up to $150, but for now I'm saving that in case something major changes in the list or some new fancy model comes out.

For those of you interested, go check out both Facing The Grey Tide, and the Dark Star GT pages (linked above) for more information. FTGT is another great blog loaded with reviews, hobby related articles, and even their own podcast!

Thats all for now, but check back for more hobby progress and army list updates.  


Evan S said...

Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to seeing your progress. You definitely should hit up BeeCee at Darkstar. He'll be repping his Nids.

jake reim said...

Thanks Evan, both for starting this challenge and also for taking a look at my blog. I can't want to be able to field a fully painted wolves army.